In 2001 the Shoshone Irrigation District began a scanning and digitizing project of all of the historical records we hold in our office from the development of the Shoshone Project. With funding assistance from the Bureau of Reclamation and the Moyer Foundation in Powell, the District scanned over 100,000 documents and photos relating to the Project. These archives included all large format documents such as the as-constructed drawings of canals, laterals and structures. The scanned documents also included the original homestead files and records, the Project histories, and water-right and farm unit maps.

Examples of some of the photos and documents that were recorded are seen below. These examples will change from time to time as I update this web page. Please check back often as these archives are essentially the history of why Powell and the surrounding areas exist today.

For more information and to get a copy of some of these files for a nominal fee, please contact the Shoshone Irrigation District.

Archive Photos

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