What is irrigation water used for? Irrigation water is originally designed to provide water to crops. However as land has been divided and more houses have been placed on irrigated lands, the water has been used to water lawns and gardens. Irrigated crops still hold the top priority for use, as these farmers are making a living off of the land.

Do I really need to pay for my irrigation assessment if I do not use the water? Yes, in Wyoming if you do not pay your assessment it is sent to the County and sold as a certificate of purchase. After 18 months, your home could be taken by the certificate purchase holder. The first half of the bill is due on Nov 10 and the rest of it May 10.

Who do I contact when I have water overflowing on my property? Start with your water Master of your Association (if you live in a Subdivision) or your ditch rider and then contact the office during business hours or the District Water Master after hours.

Am I responsible for my waste water that runs through my neighbors property? Yes, you are responsible for your waste water all the way to the drain.

Who is responsible for maintaining and cleaning of the ditches? The district is responsible for maintaining the main cannels and the structures within the system. The district responsibility ends at the headgate/structures, the individual landowners are responsible for maintaining their delivery ditches along with their waste water ditches.

Can my neighbor come onto my property to clean a waste or delivery ditch? Yes, the ditch has a right away that can be accessed in order to ensure the water can flow and not cause damage to the surrounding properties. They cannot leave the ditches looking unsightly.

Who is responsible for my property damage from irrigation water? If a neighbor’s water is flooding your property, you would have to take action in civil court to resolve financial or a determination of culpability.

Why does my basement keep flooding? During irrigation season, houses surrounded by farm ground are in danger of flooding due to subbing or unmanaged waste ditches . Another possibility could be an underground drain running through your property due to tree roots getting in the drains.

Can the District take down a building or trees on my property if a drain collapses on my property? Yes, the district has the right to move any structure or tree causing damage or preventing repair of a drain/ditch.

What is the District right away next to the open ditch? The short answer is 100ft from the center of the ditch or what is deemed necessary to maintain the ditch & roads.

Can I detach water rights? The district is putting together a survey from an engineer to try to move water rights around. This is not a guarantee that you can move water rights but it is a possibility.

What is a Water Association and why do I have to belong to one? In the Districts by laws it speaks to requiring a water association for any headgate that serves more than 3 individuals. This provides a system to resolve issues that arise with multiple landowners using the same headgate as well as providing the District with one individual to communicate with.

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